TSD System - Self Defense

The TSD System (Taijiquan Self Defense System) is a very practical self defense system, whose features rely on the fundamental basics of Taijiquan. Mental aspect is paramount.

Another element we considered in the schemes we developed is the movement, which must be connected and sensitive, in order to improve the student’s fighting qualities. This is a simple, efficient and realistic system, whose program is divided in three levels. The time for practice, required to obtain a good knowledge of these three levels, is not directly linked to the breadth of the program, but to the quality in performing it.

In the TSD System courses we study: the dynamics of strokes given by different body parts, exercises for boosting the students’ sensitivity, shifting and evasion movements, simple projection schemes, ground fighting elements, joint levers and strangulations. This system can be interesting for people who are new to martial arts but want to undertake a self defense serious itinerary. It can also interest people who have already practiced other martial arts or self defense systems, but want to analyze some Taijiquan features. It can also be valuable for those Taijiquan practitioners who have been studying forms and some tui shou “scheme”, but who haven’t already deepened self defense, which traditionally made this art fearsome.

The work on TSD System investigates the applicability of the techniques, which must be performed in the most effective way and with no holds barred. Moreover, unlike sporting practice, where the athlete must go through matches that last for a certain time, the TSD System prepares the student to deal with matches that have to last a few seconds.