ITKA Technical Commission

“Since ITKA was founded I thought that a great school, seriously dealing with its students’ training, could not depend just on me. So in these years I have been trying to instill in my students a feeling of union and cooperation, in order to create a technical structure which may give support, keeping a high quality. This organization has already put down its roots in various parts of the world. Often teachers and students, after the same path, leave in consequence of bad feelings or because of a wrong management of their own ego, rather than for real facts” (G. Pace).

“Separating is much easier than connecting” (G. Pace).

“Several masters have been, and are being, educated according to my teaching, and some of them are devoting their lives to the study and research of Taijiquan. They have been studying with me, experiencing it during seminars with other important masters representing our style. Because I think that a continual discussion can only bring about positive elements for the knowledge, practice and teaching of a so much fascinating and complex discipline. I hope for me and for them that they continue doing it. Today those students are experienced and capable masters representing our school. I wish them to express themselves as best as they can in their practice and teaching, according to the principles of honesty and sincerity. I also wish them to put the school interest into the foreground, before their personal interest” (G. Pace).

ITKA technical commission can only be made up of:

– Masters who have reached a good experience in technical ITKA programs;

– Masters who continue their preparation on the programs ITKA offers; they must be able to represent ITKA technique really and constantly;

– Masters who actually carry out a study work, research, technical promotion on behalf of ITKA.

The technical commission tasks are:

  • recommending initiatives;
  • carrying out exams/verifications at the end of the year;
  • organizing and teaching courses aimed at training new teachers;
  • discussing and updating technical programs;
  • carrying out promoting and broadcasting activities through official ITKA seminars and stages.

ITKA Technical Commission members are appointed every two years.

The Technical Commission can change its members anytime. The Technical Commission masters and the ITKA Technical Director can decide to change its members if the tasks set out are not carried out and/or any behavior might affect the harmony and serenity of the school.

ITKA technical commission for the biennium 2018/2019 is made up by the following masters:

Davide Migliorisi
Luciano Vida
Giovambattista Scavo
Margherita Padalino
Michele Grassi

Commissione tecnica