Taiji Match - Fighting Sports

ITKA pays particular attention and proficiency to people who want to apply Taijiquan in sporting competitions. Practitioners train according to the basic “Taiji Match” circuit based on all Taiji principles, focusing then on one or two specialties and following their rules.

Competitions are mostly important and feed up the practitioners’ abilities, when they are lived as moments of constructive confrontation. That is the reason why over the past few years our school takes also part in some competitions which may seem to be far from our discipline. That is just in order to allow the abilities we have been achieving so far to face other realities, which are often richer than ours, mostly in number. This is possible thanks to the adaptability of our practice. Therefore, our school participates in different fighting specialties: Sanda/Light Sanda, Lei Tai, Low kick, Light and Full contact and many others.