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ITKA is a prestigious Chen style Taijiquan school. Its headquarters are located in Catania, at the Light Blue School, an extraordinary structure that allows not only to practice weekly courses, but to reside in a real college for prolonged periods of study.

Taijiquan is for everyone!

Art, philosophy, wellness, sport. Taijiquan is all of this, and much more…

At ITKA you can adjust your psychophysical balance, use your body to rediscover the sense of things and feel the energy, inside and outside of you. Taijiquan is a martial discipline that educates children and accompanies and supports the practitioner of all ages.

With specific technical programs, elaborated by the ancient Chinese tradition and the experience of Master Pace, you can learn to defend yourself and others, practice a competitive sport and overcome your limits.


Master Pace began studying Taijiquan more than thirty years ago, and from about fifteen he was invited to hold seminars and instructor courses all over the world (throughout Italy, several European countries and then New York, Florida, California, Chile, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Argentina, China) proposing the ITKA program.


ITKA courses follow the principles of Taijiquan, proposing different areas of interest:

Light Blue School ITKA

ITKA headquarters host the courses and the college

Our headquarters is surrounded by greenery, with different platforms for practicing both outdoors and indoors. In addition to weekly courses, the school organizes training courses and hosts students for extended periods of study.

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