Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions

Q: Where is your gymnasium?
A: We are not a gym, we are a school thought to teach Taijiquan, a Chinese martial art. This energy practice is rooted in the ancient Chinese philosophical and cultural tradition, and it has significant effects on our health.
Our school is situated in Massannunziata (part of Mascalucia) in the province of Catania. The school is actually the ITKA Headquarters. ITKA is a great school which is spreading more and more all over the world. In Italy, for instance, there are many different schools adhering to ITKA , scattered throughout our national territory.

Q: What do your courses consist in?
A: Our school offers various courses, every one of them is different according to the students’ age and area of interest. Everyday we offer courses in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, about the following areas of interest:

  • Qi Gong (work on energy);
  • Nei Gong (inner work aimed at the martial issue);
  • Classical Taijiquan (study of bare hands and weapon forms, couple work);
  • Chenjiagou Kung Fu (for children and adults);
  • TSD System (self defense and street fighting, following the Taijiquan principles);
  • Taijimatch (sport fighting: through a specific study program, athletes are instructed in order to compete in different specialties, such as Boxing, Sanda, Full Contact, Kick Boxing, K1).

Q: What does a lesson consist in?
A: We usually start with a warming-up section lasting a period of time based on the type of course chosen. Then we go on with technique and practice notions, and in the end we study the Taiji theory.

Q: If I want to attend your courses as a beginner?
A: Our school offers some courses for beginners, so as to make the student feel welcome and get into our program. Moreover, classes for beginners are made of no more than 10 students and each one of them is supervised in detail.

Q: What is Taijicollege?
A: Taijicollege is a chance to study Taijiquan in a professional way. ITKA Headquarters is the only school in Europe offering students coming from all over the world the opportunity to engage in an intensive studying without any distraction. Lessons and practice are held in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Master Pace, with the help of various teachers, offers a detailed studying of each part of the program. Taijicollege is much more than a mere weekend course.

Q: Does ITKA offer any other training courses?
A: In addition to Taijicollege, ITKA offers Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Taijiquan, Chenjiagou Kung Fu, TSD System (selfdefense) and Taijimatch (sport fighting) Instructor courses. At present ITKA training courses are active all over Europe and in South America. At our Headquarters, in the province of Catania, in January 2019 Nei Gong and Taijiquan new Instructor courses will begin.

Q: How much are weekly courses?
A: Once you have subscribed to the association, you can pay your contribution either every year or every month. The pricing is similar to the association costs of other cultural centres and gyms. This is a college, a school where you study professionally, but without any high contribution rates. So, write, call or, better, come to our office! We will give you all the information you need.

We hope we answered to your questions clearly, but if you have any other questions, write to us! And we will be happy to answer to you.