Classic Taijiquan

Taijiquan is an inner martial art which can represent the millenary Chinese culture at once. Its practice develops from the ancient energetic, philosophical and spiritual taoist tradition, as well as from different martial methods.

Taijiquan spread throughout the world for its slow, smooth, continuous, harmonic movements which let vital energy accumulate and circulate correctly, helping practitioners to maintain and strengthen their own psychophysical health. If Taijiquan is practiced appropriately and with dedication, it is an effective and sophisticated means of self-defense which, following the taoist philosophy basics, teaches how to use smoothness in order to defeat a stiff force. Taijiquan is also a moving meditation able to let the practitioner research the hard balance between mind, body and spirit.

It is considered as the “long life” exercise par excellence. It is also suggested both to young and to older people, without any basic contraindications. Our school proposes to study the most ancient style of Taijiquan, the Chen style. Its smooth and spiraling movements convey a mental calm estate, the force explosions remind of summer storms, because they are unexpected and powerful at the same time. In Taijiquan everybody can find what he/she is looking for, simply approaching it without any special expectation or, that is worse, any presumption.