Nei Gong / Qi Gong

The work on energy proposed by ITKA is mainly based on the conduction of our breath of life throughout our body, by means of the idea of a structural, energetic, universal connection.

Relaxed movements originate from our mind, letting our body flow with easy, continual, harmonic movements. ITKA offers qualified Qi gong and Nei gong courses, where Qi Gong is studied as such and Nei Gong is its martial application. Expansion and contraction, balanced oscillations and spiraling movements are the focal points of the kind of work which portrays our method.

Natural, deep breathing is tied to round motions which are made without any action. So that they create a circuit of continual movements springing from the inside toward the outside, letting the Qi accumulate and condense, harmonically flowing. Through the same practitioner’s subjective efforts, the main result of Qi gong exercise relies on the control over body functions and motor laws, in order to achieve muscle relaxation, spiritual steadiness and peace of mind. Qi gong must be based on these three elements.

Therefore, it is first of all required a control over the conscious activities, and then a calm reaction from emotions, in order to get to an extremely pleasant and calm being. It is a therapy that makes subjective energies come into play. It strengthens the ability to resist, prevent or win diseases, as well as to get health back. Moreover, working hard on your own energy, you can be able to channel and convey it over time, linking it to other people’s energy for curative purposes. It can seem a practice for few, but in fact we experience it many times in our life: a caress during a moment of despair, or a hand put on a painful part of our body, etc.

These are some elementary examples of how an energetic synchronization can relieve pain and, if practiced by expert operators, even solve health problems gently and without any side effect.